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                        to Prairie Meadow

Home of Prairie Meadow Art & Fiber Studio and Prairie Meadow Farm.

I'm closing the gift shop "Sarah's Enchanted Cottage" and moving my art & fiber studio to the farm.  Roger & I are ready for the next chapter in our life.  Some retirees buy a motor home and travel, but we chose to stay on the farm and do the things we love. The things we love are playing with our grandson, working with animals of all kinds, gardening, and creating art.

We have quite an eclectic assortment of animals on the farm.  We have around 200 hair sheep,(which will grow in March when we start lambing) 2 llamas, 3 horses, 2 LGD (large guard dog), 2 border collies, several cats, chickens, guineas, and 2 ducks. 
AND Harvey, the French Angora rabbit.   In 2015 we added 2 pygora goats ( Inky & Dinky),
and 2 angora goats (Bunny & Cinnamon), so we are slowly getting into the fiber animals, hoping to add more this spring.

Inky, the pygora goat &
 Bunny, the angora goat

Harvey, the French Angora Rabbit